22 Best Business Ideas of 2020

22 Best Business Ideas of 2020

If you have been asking yourself what business to start, then this list is for you.

Let’s take a look at the list of ideas that’ll make you money in 2020:


1. Dropshipping

You are looking for products to sell online but do not have the money to buy or store them. Think dropshipping! Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that does not require you to manage any physical product. All you have to do is stock up on your online store and your customers. Partner with suppliers who are ready for packing and shipping orders. Check out this dropshipping tutorial to learn more. If you find online business ideas that are easy to find.


One of the reasons people often get attracted to dropshipping is because you do not have to do accounting. If accounting is not an issue - there may be enough room in the warehouse - you can also wholesale the product. Online marketing like Handshake is unique to small businesses. Helps to find high-quality products and build long-term relationships with suppliers. Once you know what you want to sell, you should check to complete the shipwreck.


2. Translation

People of different languages ​​are always in demand; So if you can speak two or more languages, consider starting a small business where you can earn those skills. Start building clients and start building your portfolio by starting to find customers on websites like Upwork and Flexjobs. As you work more successfully with companies, you can hire translators who specialize in other languages ​​to expand your service. Marketing your business on social media sites is a great idea and can help you reach a wider audience.


3. Home-based Catering

If you have a knack for cooking and see it as a creative outlet, you can make a decent income by opening a home-based catering business. The initial investment depends much on how big you want the setup to be. For example, if you start with smaller events that you can manage on your own, you should be able to start your business for less. Most home-based caterers start by creating a website, experimenting with local food markets, or joining platforms that allow cooking experts to squeeze some profits out of their culinary skills. 


4. Virtual Assistant

One successful business idea is to provide virtual assistant services. From large businesses to solopreneurs, everyone needs help in managing their day-to-day business. You can use your excellent organizational skills to lift some weight off their shoulders. of course, You can reply to emails; You will be given time and effort to schedule meetings and other management responsibilities. You can reach your first few customers by responding to listings on platforms such as FreeUpPeoplePerHour, or Virtual Assistant Jobs. It's a proven business model because people are always looking for effective virtual assistants.


5. Website Flipping

Browsing websites is one of the most confusing business ideas for everyone from work to home to recent graduates. Buy or sell an existing website. Improving its design and content; And selling it for a profit. There are a few places where you can buy and sell websites for profit. For example, Shopify's market Exchange is for content marketing, It allows you to buy eCommerce websites to improve your business through SEO and other strategies. As soon as your website generates more revenue than you earn, you can list it for sale in the marketplace.


6. Personal Shopper

Do you often admire your eyes for fashion trends? Are you a visitor for dressing up ideas with friends and family? Personal shopping can be a business that can build on those skills. Personal shoppers are looking for clothing for customers who are struggling to find their own style. Duties include evaluating your client's attire; This includes visiting websites and choosing what works for them. Different online clothing stores have different products. So you do not need to shop offline to start this business. Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you do not need. If your interests are based on low-investment business ideas, then this is the best way to think about personal shopping.


7. Online Tutoring

Are you an artist? If you are an expert in math and other subjects, you can start an online tutoring business. An essential requirement is a degree in the subject you intend to teach; So before you start, take a good look at this area. You can find online tutoring clients on sites like Skooli and Tutor.com. For best results, always teach subjects related to your area of ​​expertise and share your skills and positive knowledge to enhance the teaching experience. You can interact with your students via Skype to make online learning one of the easiest online businesses.


8. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are always in shape. So if you have a passion for design or enjoy showing your art on physical objects, this is one of the best creative business ideas for you. Before you start looking for clients, Need some design ready to go. Tools like Photoshop and Canva make it easy to create custom card designs. In addition, you will need to stock up on the materials you need to create your greeting cards (ink, paper, etc.). This is a good point. If you want to reduce costs, buy from a wholesaler. Once you've made a list, you can share your business on Facebook, Start earning money by marketing on Etsy and other similar platforms.


9. Content Writing

Almost every company that has an internet connection has a product page. Help create content for blogs, etc. Thus, starting a content writing or copying company may be one of the most rewarding business ideas for you. Popular sites to find first-time users are Remote.coProblogger Jobs, and BloggingPro. You can also join content writing groups on Facebook to grow your business to a wider audience. There are many ways to make a positive impact on your customers by customizing your keywords or providing custom graphics as part of your service.


10. WordPress Support

Many of the websites out there are based on WordPress and almost all WordPress website owners need support in this form. If you are familiar with the ins and outs of this platform, there are many opportunities for you to make money. Customers can customize your CSS; You will be contacted to find security holes and do other things. You can use platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork to get your first customers; We recommend that you create a custom website and list your services there. This way you can avoid high commissions and build a high-quality relationship with your customers.


11. Career Coaching

With the job market soaring and unemployed, there is no one who needs help finding a job. If you have the ability to help your friends and family find a suitable job, you can also help others. Others want to find the best job for them. How to interview Consider starting a career coaching program that helps you find other candidates with good character choices and more. You can find subscribers on Facebook groups or platforms like Coach.me. The best thing about this business is that you can make money by doing 4-5 hours of meetings a month. Plus, you can train multiple clients for a single session. If you are looking for your most time-consuming business ideas, a career coach may be the right choice for you.


12. Email Marketing

Have you broken the code for drawing subject lines that people can not click on? If so, you could start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start-up costs. You can find companies that need help with email strategies like PeoplePerHour and Upwork. Once you have demonstrated the ability to attract recipients, your customers will be able to access your services quickly and even agree to the price you refer (if you can help them build their email list), the key brown spot). Startup costs include investing in email marketing tools that automate many of your tasks.


13. Meals-to-go

There is no end to the line of those who struggle to find time to cook a serious, nutritious, and healthy meal. This offers a variety of dining options for the food-to-go-business. Your city You can take advantage of this opportunity by starting your own food-to-go business in the state or vicinity. Contrary to popular belief. You do not need to invest in a large commercial kitchen design. Businesses that go-to lunchtime can also be managed by the rental kitchen. These areas are usually equipped with all the essentials and are available for a month or so. One day You can rent an hour. You can find licensed commissary kitchens by sharing through websites such as Kitchen Doors.


14. Website Testing

Did you know that digital tracking brands hire real people to respond to their websites? Their ideas allow them to solve problems that their developers have failed to identify. You hire a lot of people on a freelance basis. Create your own website testing company During the project period, your employees will receive a set of questions they need to answer when they visit the company website. Through the video, they will share their current user experience and their initial thoughts on how to improve the site in the community. Jobs can be found on websites such as UserTestingFermentation, and TryMyUI.


15. SEO 

Have you had the experience of generating backlinks and improving the search engine visibility of a website? If so, you have the opportunity to cash in on your qualifications. Starting a business in the industry may be one of your best decisions as site owners around the world need the services of SEO experts. When looking for clients, focus on a good audience. Learn from the experience and build your portfolio. Share your success stories. Once your SEO techniques are up and running, you will see clients. You target a variety of companies and are legitimate, Health It can attract businesses in a field such as finance.


16. App Development

Application is one of the most profitable business ideas because many companies need applications. Needless to say, the cost of starting this joint venture has dropped significantly due to the growing number of tools and capable developers. You can use software like OmniGraffleSketch, and CoreAnimator to create wireframes and mockups before you decide to publish the app today. Alternatively, you can rent a free app through websites like AngelList and Upwork. Consumers also have the opportunity to earn passive income by creating applications. In fact, it depends on the emergence of a financial strategy to generate additional monetary income. Good strategies include purchasing and charging for the best version of your app.


17. Stock Photographer

If you can capture open moments or take portraits of a relative, you can become a stock photographer by registering a sole proprietorship under your own name. Companies like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are always looking for images. You can get started by posting some of your current photos on this platform. Once your photos are uploaded, wait for people to download them. Most stock photography websites pay you for every download on your platform. Another option is to launch your own photo website and sell the images directly to people. This is possible only if you have the resources to invest in marketing.


18. Virtual Dance Studio

The disadvantages of a virtual dance studio are quite obvious. You do not need to rent a large space. It is used to record blocks, Publishing and sharing at your own discretion is fine. In addition, there is no limit to the number of students you can enroll in your class. To start a virtual dance studio, you need to invest in video conferencing software such as Zoom. You will need high-speed internet to ensure there are no delays or interruptions during live streaming. Make sure your students arrange enough classes each month to help them learn their routine quickly. If you are passionate about creating your own unique arena, you will also look for opportunities to partner with dance schools to give your students access to your content.


19. Print on Demand

If you are looking to implement successful business ideas, Print demand. You can create your own custom designs for phone cases, When sold on items such as cups and T-shirts, the artwork is not actually printed. You will partner with suppliers who print your design on the product. You do not have to worry about logistics as they will be packed and shipped from your customers. You only pay once after you sell the product. One of the fastest ways to get started is to create a Shopify store and use a POD application like Printify. Partnering with influencers to promote your POD products in marketing is an effective way to reach an audience. Also, watch our video of having a good discussion with Ted (demand on the print company) to determine if on-demand printing is the right choice for you.


20. Instagram Consulting

If you know the secrets to negotiate on Instagram, consider becoming an Instagram consultant. Responding to comments; It will pay you for creating attractive bias and more. You can make money by charging for these services at an hourly rate or at a fixed rate. This is the best business idea for digital footwear. You can manage the whole thing from your smartphone. Expertise in creating Instagram ads to get people to buy from businesses to become a popular Instagram consultant. Reach your first customers by marketing your business on Upwork and other social media platforms.


21. Video Production

Video recording with the increased use of online video content; Editing Definitely needed for those who need to do cutting and publishing. So setting up a video production company can be a lucrative business idea for you. The initial investment in this business is basic lighting, Wireless microphone editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro with two cameras (and lenses). See if you can find useful variants for some of these tools. You can offer to produce video content for companies' YouTube channels, manage graduation and wedding video,s and more. There is no limit to the types of projects you can do, but specializing in one area can make it easier to stand out in a busy market.


22. Software Education

Are you unfamiliar with computer software? Then you can start your own software business and enroll students on a monthly basis. Students may include entrepreneurs trying to build on their IT skills or other small business owners looking to master software such as Excel and PowerPoint. If you have the skills, you can lead from the front by teaching most of the lessons. As your business grows, as more people come to your programs, you can hire free software to teach students based on their area of ​​expertise. Classrooms can be rented for lessons, but consider setting up virtual classrooms to reduce costs and expand your business to international markets.